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Having trouble with tournaments?


There has been an influx of comments regarding the tournaments feature.

Events you have encountered

  • The game does not load when you enter the tournament
  • The game freezes during tournament gameplay
  • The tournament results don't show after playing a game

All of these scenarios result in a token loss. 


We are working hard on fixing the issue as only a small percentage of our user base experiences this. It's unfortunate because it's hard for us to reproduce. If we can't reproduce it on our end, we can't figure out what broke. 

The best thing you can do is to be as specific as possible in your responses when you submit a request in the community. Detail everything, most importantly, how you entered the tournament. 


I recommend not commenting in the thread, instead, submit your comments here:


Do you enter tournaments through the "Join Now" button on the tournaments page? 





Do you enter tournaments using the Tournament Tab via the Game Page? 




Which tournament do you enter? Do you use FB Credits or Mindjolt Tokens? 


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