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Your Facebook ID is a number that MindJolt uses to track specifics with your account. if you are requesting a token refund, you will need to provide your Facebook ID. To obtain your Facebok ID, click on your Facebook profile picture. This will take you to a URL with your number. It may look like this: (, where the Facebook ID is 100002115609611 Sometimes after clicking on your picture, the URL will contain your name, not a number. In this case, click on your picture again and you’ll likely get a URL with three numbers separated by periods.

If you're experiencing slowness or the game is acting funky, please check to see if your Flash player is up to date. Since these games are developed in flash, a flash update may help fix the problem. Please go to this url to determine whether you have the most current flash: Also, you can right click on the game itself then go to "About..." It'll take you to the same website.

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