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MindJolt Support Team March 08, 2013 20 Announcements

If you see any impossible scores, let me know and I'll take care of them.


Mindjolt Community Manager 

MindJolt Support Team February 26, 2013 74 Announcements

I look forward hearing from you.


MindJolt Support Team February 15, 2013 Community Help

If you're having trouble seeing any games, your zoom size may not be the correction proportion. 

PC users: Play with your zoom capability. Press CTRL and + or - to adjust the screen size. 

Mac users: Play with your zoom capability. Press Command and + or - to adjust the screen size. 


What the screen looks like when I zoomed to far in:




What the screen looks like when I have the appropriate zoom:


MindJolt Support Team November 12, 2012 5 Announcements

Hey All,

I want to get a discussion going about possibly re-making the tournaments feature. Currently, you enter a tournament and play against two other people. The highest score of the three wins.

Now, with this new system I propose; it would be a bracket system. Instead of facing two others, you face someone else in three separate rounds. So, if you win the first round, you move onto the second. If you win the second round, you move onto the third and final round; the championship round.

What does everything think about this?

This forum will be an open discussion so any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

All the Best,





Mike Mazurek August 28, 2012 119 SUGGESTION BOX / Let us know what you think

Hey Mindjolters! Here you can voice your opinion of what you like to see done with the app. Let us know what you would like to see, what we can improve, or anything else that could be helpful. This is not a forum for any problems or site issues you have. If you do, please submit a request and someone will work with you personally. Have fun and I look forward to your ideas!